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I am really impressed with the help I received from the entire staff. I have been headache-free since my fourth visit and it has made a tremendous impact on my attitude. I have actually felt like I can feel better and taking care of me has become a priority. With the education I receive about exercise and nutrition along with my regular adjustments I am becoming a whole new woman and it feels absolutely amazing!

-- Aubrey W.

I had a headache for 4 weeks and had seen a doctor and was on pain pills, had a CT scan, had an MRI, had blood work done and they could not find anything wrong. So, I came to Shubert Chiropractic and got up the next day with no headache. I feel really good now and it is so nice to not have a headache. Thank you!

-- Lois D.

I started having pain in my lower back. I had been using a heating pad and taking meds for the pain. I was into about the fourth day and decided I needed to do something different to correct this problem. I needed to be in good health to work and didn't want to take time off. I asked my husband to make an appointment with his chiropractor (Dr. Shubert) for me. Within a short time, no more than half a dozen visits, I was no longer listing to the South and dragging one leg like Igor. I am doing just fine now. I have no more pain and stand and walk with ease. I will return if I ever need this kind of help again. Thanks!

-- Linda J.

I went to a back specialist after enduring severe (as in I did not want to move at all) lower back pain. I was x-rayed and told there was not much I could do until the problem got bad enough for a surgical procedure at some future time. Also, I was to stay inactive as much as possible. I was careful and was unable to avoid extreme pain recurring until 3 years later when I had a relapse, worse than the previous bout. This time I could not relieve the pain and I could not find a position lying down or sitting up to reduce the debilitating, stabbing, ceaseless torture emanating once again from my lower back. I called Dr. Shubert at random from the phone book and even after the first visit and treatment I noticed some small improvement. Gradually, day by day, week by week, the adjustments and treatments were returning my normal everyday activities to me. All along the way, Dr. Shubert's comments and recommendations made sense and I could feel the principle of my whole program falling into place as an interactive approach to overall health has really made a difference!

-- Charles K.

Since I was 16 years old I have been struggling with the female curse of PMS.  With struggling I mean bleeding for 3-4 weeks in a month, headaches before and after my cycle, blotting, cramps, cravings and acne.  I have seen family practice doctors and OB/GYN doctors for this problem.  I have even seen OB/GYN specialists and their solution was to have a hysterectomy, still wanting kids this did not seem like the best solution.  I have been on several different birth control pills for bleeding control, anti depressants for the PMS systems and ultimately just miserable for several years of my life.  Dr. Shubert started seeing me in August 2008 and now in November I have minimal bleeding and no bloating, cravings, cramps or acne, it is wonderful.  I am very thankful to Shubert Chiropractic and Natural Health Care.  I really believe she is a miracle worker and everyone should give her a try.

-- Anonymous

I came in after a month of trying to ignore my lower back pain.  Finally, I was so miserable, that I couldn’t bend over or get up out of a chair.  I wasn’t that familiar with chiropractic but I thought I’d give it a try.  I was impressed with how Dr. Shubert and her staff explained everything.  She did such a thorough exam she even found my problems in my neck.  I had lived with that for so long I’d forgotten about it! With each treatment  I’d feel a little better, but I was worried that it would take a long time to really feel better.  On the 5th adjustment I went home and I wasn’t in any pain at all.  On my next appt. I rated my pain as a 2 down from an 8 originally.  My x rays showed that my spine is way out of alignment so I plan to continue with treatments so that pain won’t come back.

-- Jennifer S.

Have you ever spent hours at the kitchen table helping your child with homework?  Have you experienced the frustration of watching your child take 30 minutes to complete a 10 minute task?  This was our life with our son, Andrew, until the last semester of his 8th grade year when a friend referred us to Dr. Shubert.  We were ready to try almost anything so we make an appointment.  Dr. Shubert tested Andrew to see if everything in his body was working properly and explained to us that when our organs don’t function well it can affect many things including our ability to concentrate.  Dr. Shubert found several things that needed to be corrected and Andrew began taking natural supplements to treat these things.  With these supplements there are no side-effects and they are not addictive.  It didn’t take long for us to see improvement in Andrew’s ability to concentrate.  He still needs encouragement but he can now complete a task with little intervention from us.  He just needed a little help to get on the right track.  He is enjoying his success and looks forward to high school.  We appreciate Dr. Shubert’s skill in providing a simple and un-intrusive treatment.

-- Ron M. 

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